Monday, March 13, 2006

Effective Supply Chain Manager (1)

Recently I was thinking about the role of supply chain manager in the organization. Along with his day to day duties and responsibilities, an effective supply chain manager also does some other things which contribute to the profitability of a company. One important role in within the product development area. Supply chain manager can attend in weekly sessions about products development and provide designers and project managers with the valuable information like sourcing condition of some components or increased costs of applying some materials into the new products.


Blogger Siamak Zarrin Ghalami said...

I do agree. One of the most vital roles of supply chain manager is conributing with NPD dept. Recently, Big-3 are attemptig to define and adopt a type of business package teams concerning new product development which embrace not only PD and purchsing experts, but specialists from supply chain and in paricular, target cost individuals. In this new form of organizational structure for NPD, each project has four harnessing aspects across a CFT: light and dark blue contribution as well as two other facets, i.e. supply chain management and (defined) cost controlling approach.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Betty MacKnight said...

Likewise, I too agree. Depending on who you listen you, 70-85% of the cost of the final product is set in the NPD phase. Without strategic sourcing or Supply Chain engaged, you limit you opportunity to manage costs, quality and customer service. By engaging the Supply Chain and Strategic Sourcing Organization to open up the opportunity to team with Strategic Suppliers on the design phase as well as supply / demand planning. All in all a real win. leaving out this core group, from what we would hope is a cross functional team to begin with, would be a huge mistake and loss.

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