Monday, March 06, 2006

New supply chain executive courses at MIT

MIT is going to run two short executive courses on July this year. I thought maybe some of you would like to go there:

The first one is: Demand Driven Supply Chain Management

In this course, supply chain optimization models and engineering marketingmodels that support demand-driven supply chain management will be examined.Differences in modeling approaches across industries such as consumerproducts, consumer durables, retailing, and industrial commodities will alsobe discussed. Several cases will be presented that describe successfulapplications in distribution, retailing, and manufacturing companies.

The second one is: New Approaches to Optimizing Inventories

In this course, modeling concepts and details will be presented for managinginventories as part of holistic supply chain optimization at all levels ofplanning. Cases describing successful applications in retailing, consumerproducts, and manufacturing companies will also be discussed. The instructor for the courses is Jeremy F. Shapiro, my favorite professor...I myself recommend these courses to busy practitioners and CIOs who want to become updated with current issues in a short time.For more info you can visit these two links: