Monday, March 06, 2006

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Recently, IT (Information Technology) and IS (Information System) are following scientific approaches to introduce new architectures for their users. In this regard, mathematical solutions are providing tremendous aids to catch the real understanding and turning issues more logical and analysable processes through channels of information and knowledge.
Despite of being complicated the architecture of information system in a chain of organizations, it has witnessed to simulate as a common, basic form of mathematical articulation over time. In this respect, an interesting expression I think that has been introduced so far is by Advantys ( as follows:


Although the formula seems a little bit sophisticated at the first shot, however, it is so simple to express. As a matter of fact, the business processes optimisation and management, which previously performed by workflow considerations, as mention in above formula, nowadays are being facilitated by:
- Standardise exchanges of information between different information systems with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and XML documents using EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) solutions,
- Automate the circulation of information and optimise processing with a BPM (Business Process Management) tool,
- Integrate these changes with Web standards such as HTTP protocol and Web Services.